Mobile Fun: Temple Run 2

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If you’re a long time reader, you might remember 3 Games on Top Apps I Can’t Play. One of the games mentioned was Temple Run, an addictive, immersive 3D experience, where you have to guide an Indiana Jones-like character through the jungle to get away from the angry apes from whom you stole the treasure.

You’d think a seasoned adventurer would learn from their mistakes, but that’s apparently not the case, as you’ll do it again, steal a treasure and get angry apes at your back, but this time the apes have a few more tricks up their sleeves.

Temple Run 2 is played the same as the first game, but with the addition of new traps, falls, ropes and all kinds of different environmental dangers, it seems like a completely new game. The most apparent change, however, has been made in the Upgrade system. The powerups are still dropped in the world as you run about, but each character (unlocked with the things you collect) has one of the powers as “their” power. You can activate it whenever you have filled your meter, which is filled up whenever you collect coins. The more coins you get in a row without missing one fills the meter quicker and when you have it at full, you’ll be able to doubletap the screen to activate that characters special power. Guy, your starting adventurer, have the Shield ability, making you invulnerable for a short period of time. This time can be upgraded with the coins you collect, as well as all the other characters abilities and there are loads of new upgrades that is for all the characters.

Another addition is the Gems. Like powerups, they can be found in the world while you’re running about, and like coins, they can be used for certain upgrades, but also to revive if you take a wrong step somewhere. Gems are used to upgrade your special abilities.

Getting new characters is made with coins and there are 4 characters available: Guy Dangerous (starting character), Scarlett Fox (5000c), Barry Bones (15 000c) and Karma Lee (25 000c), each with their separate abilities.

A pitfall that is easy to fall in (no pun intended) is that you’ll cover the screen with your hand, trying to do all the quick swipes you need to do. I’ve noticed it’s easier if you keep your finger in the upper right corner (for right-handed, upper left for left-handed) to keep it away from the view. The game is very responsive, so you only need a gentle movement of the finger to make your character react.

According to a press release from Imangi Studios (the producers of the Temple Run series), the game surpassed Angry Birds as the fastest growing free game, with 50 million downloads in less than 2 weeks, compared to Angry Birds 50 million download in just over a month. This is impressive work for the husband-wife team behind Imangi Studios and the series have spawned several spin-offs, such as the 2012 title Temple Run: Brave, a cooperation between Imangi Studios and Disney Pixar Studios, for the release of their movie Brave, and several cardgames, boardgames and even a clothes line.

The game has at the moment of writing reached over 170 million downloads worldwide and broken its own record twice over.

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