Mobile Fun: Presenting The Torch App

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Thank you for all your positive response. Most of you noticed that this was in fact an April fools joke, but some have asked about this app. Who knows, maybe we’ll make it someday, but today is not that day 😉


The Torch can now proudly present our very own mobile app!

We’ve been in development since about a year and this top secret project is now ready for the reveal. The Torch App will be for the real world, what The Torch Entertainment Guide have been for the web, an introduction and teaching tool. Some of the features of the app is:

  • Real Time Landmarking: Just point the cam of the phone on a street sign, and the app will save that location using the phones built-in GPS
  • Landmark Return: Just click the landmark and you’ll get a map telling you directions to that place for any transportation method, and even gives you the price for buses, trains, taxi or gas.
  • Landmark Sharing: You can easilly share your landmarks with others through the app or through any social media, or even as a QR code for the Printer (available soon)
  • Torch Printer (coming soon): A small, USB compatible pocket printer currently in development lets you print out any page you have up for easy sharing in RL as well, available for all smartphones with adapter for each type of connection
  • Crafting Tutorials: A database of over 1 000 items you can make yourself, cheap or free, and instructions on how to make them
  • Everything is Audible: A built-in text-to-speech generator and voice recognition software makes this app not only easy to use, you won’t even need your hands or eyes for it.
  • Real Time Information: Using the camera on the phone, the app can identify a street sign, a face or an object and give you information on it. Using the microphone, it can identify a voice or sound, giving you information and background on a song, a person or a band, all in real time.
  • and more…
Torch App Nav Screen
This is the Landmark Navigation Screen, if you tap the landmark, instructions on how to get there by any transportation will be given. It hooks up to the local transportation information database and will even give you the price of the bus ticket or taxi ride

Does all of this sound too good to be true? Well, it is… Aprils Fool!

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