Mobile Fun: Gravity Guy by Miniclips Games

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Gravity Guy Platform

Last week I did a ‘review’ on the miniclips android game, Anger of Stick 2. However, I didn’t really like the way that turned out so I’m going to try again with another miniclips game, this time with Gravity Guy, a platform based tap game for the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. You play as Gravity guy, a prisoner who escapes from his captors, you pick up where the story stops, as you try to escape from the guard, using gravity.

The controls are fairly good, and quite straightforward, the character continues to run and never stops, running into obstacles, tapping allows gravity guy walk on the ceiling to escape falling into gaps or running into walls. To complete the game you must have pretty good reflexes and a phone or tablet that response quickly to your tapping. There are check points throughout the game which act as level ups so there isn’t any level up screen or level ending screen to interrupt game play. This game has a single player and multi player option, you can choose to play the story or just have an endless run which is basically a survival mode.

The game gives you bonuses to help if you are stuck, such as if you keep dying, the game will actually ask you if you would like to use a Slow Down Bonus. The Slow Down Bonus slows the game down allowing you to get through obstacles. It’s on a timer and eventually runs out returning you to your normal speed. You are given 2-3 SD bonuses after which you will have to buy them for $0.99. Another bonus you will receive is Shield, this will protect you from the guard who begins to shoot at you through out parts of the game. You are given only two to begin with after that you must buy others for the same price as the Slow Down Bonus. .

Overall Gravity guy is a pretty entertaining game, one that, if you have a good touch screen phone or tablet you can enjoy, but if you don’t you will find it to be a little annoying as you float into the sky or fall through a gap for the umpteenth time. Gravity Guy can be found on Google Play, the App Store and on the Miniclips website.