Mobile Fun – Cut The Rope.

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Second Life is not the only virtual world out there and you don’t always have to be on your computer to reach it. It can be on the little thing you make calls with…you know…your cellphone. Every week we are going to explore the virtual space that lives inside of our mobile handsets, reviewing the applications that are now play a huge part of our daily lives.

We are starting with an oldie but a goodie, Cut The Rope. Released in 2010, it is a physics based game that requires the player to figure out various puzzles to feed candy to a hungry little green monster with a sweet tooth.

The puzzles are very easy at times, when they are clearly meant to be complicated. It seems the object of the game is also to collect yellow stars that are meant to improve your score and help you to unlock or buy future levels but sometimes I find myself not bothering to go for any of the stars if there was a simple option to feed the monster.
Nevertheless Cut the Rope is a good game that creatively uses our touch screen technology that is very similar to the ready established 2009 game Angry Birds, and if you are stuck waiting for a train or a bus it does help to pass the time.

There are a total of six original levels but over time the game grew to include nine more levels and even released a sequel Cut the Rope: Experiments in 2011.

The game can be found on the App Market for iPhone and iPad, on the Play Store Market for Android, and Blackberry AppWorld, the price of the game may vary depending on you mobile retailer.

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