Mobile Fun: Communication Apps

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Mobile commutation has changed so much over the years. With the introduction of smart phones and applications, communicating with another person is not longer dictated by whether or not you have their phone number, you can simply use the same application. Over the last few weeks I have been searching my Google Play app for different kinds of communication apps that would allow me to get away with  not only messaging and calling friends from over seas but doing all of this for free.

This was what I came up with, please note I will not be adding Facebook (the original app or the messaging one) since that is a given, I will also not mention, Google Talk, Yahoo, MSN, AIM and others because of the same reason. Yes, they are all there for free and so automatically come under that category with out me saying so, therefore it does not apply. Skype also does not apply because it depends on your service provider and is NOT FREE. That being said, let’s begin.



Viber is a mobile application that allows its user to send free messages and make free phone calls to any one who has the app installed. Created for the iPhone, the Android, the Blackberry and the Windows Phone, Viber works on 3G and WiFi networks and has a bit of a problem, like dropping calls, and weak reception.

User experience may vary on this one. Try it if you want but it is better to look for something that is less buggy.



KakaoTalk is a Korean made mobile applications that works off of the same principles as Viber, free calls and messaging to those who have the same app. Unlike Viber Kakao works a lot smoother. It is available on iOS Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. KakaoTalk has a range of other features that you will find very handy including, the ability to send videos, photos, voice message and URL links. You can have one – to – one chat or even a group chat all of which work through WiFi and 3G.  It keeps you up to date with all the latest versions and even have little extra nuggets like its own emoicon store.

The one bad point I have to Kakao is that, I’m not sure if this is my phone only because of the model I have, but I can’t seem to make any free calls. Text message works just fine, there is no cap on how many message or how many pictures or videos you can send. I love KakaoTalk, it’s great for business and personal use.

There is one more I would like to talk about:

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is another good application  I wanted to point it out, although I’ve never tried it. It has been given a lot of recognition over the two years it’s been released to the public. It is said to be a clear rival for communication apps like KakaoTalk. Now available on iOS, Blackberry, Android, and WIndow’s phone, WhatsApp works by syncing your phone book, adding your contacts to your own phone book instead of separating them. Like Kakao and Viber users can contact other users that have the same application, it allows users to send picture, video and audio messaging as well as text messaging.

However, this application has had its share of controversy, mostly dealing with security, particularly when it comes to contact information.

Overall if you are looking for a mobile communication app that easy to use with little to no problems. I would suggest using KakaoTalk.

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