Mobile Fun – Bad Piggies, the reversed Angry Birds

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Angry Birds have had many sequels and there have been a worry about the series going stale, overstaying its welcome. There’s only so many variations on the slingshooting birds you can make… or is it?

Did you ever wonder what happened if you lost? Or how the Bad Piggies managed to get away with your precious eggs in the first time? Bad Piggies answers that and lets you play from the pigs perspective, right after they managed to take the eggs.

The staging area where you build your vehicle
The staging area where you build your vehicle

As you might suspect from the Angry Birds games, the pigs have technology on their side, and you are one of their engineers. Your job is to build a contraption in the same style as the protections they had in Angry Birds, but this time it needs to move. You choose how it is built and you’ll get an arsenal of components at your disposal, however resources is scarce out on the field so you have to do what you can with what you get. The goal is marked out on the map and on the way is obstacles, terrain and even goodies. You need to make sure your mobile fortress can withstand the rough terrain, navigate the obstacles and preferably pick up the goodies.

Your goal is to collect the map piece at the end of each level. Just like Angry Birds, Bad Piggies uses a three-star rating system, but this time it’s not how many points you get, but how well you manage to follow the three objectives for that particular puzzle. Objectives such as not breaking your contraption, managing to clear the level without using a critical component or getting the map piece within a time limit. There is also stars in hard-to-reach areas of most maps.

My contraption for this level
My contraption for this level

Based on how well you do, you get components at the end of each map to use in the Sandbox levels. Sandbox gives you the largest possible building grid and has stars scattered all over. Your objective here is to build a contraption that can catch all the stars. You won’t get any hints here, just like the name suggests it’s entirely up to you what components might be used. You need to get good ratings in the rest of the game and get the right components thou, so you can’t jump straight to these levels.

With over 60 basic levels, an additional 30 unlockable levels (based on your ratings) and the promise of free updates, Bad Piggies will keep you busy for hours, if not days or possibly even weeks.

Bad Piggies is available for free (with ads) for PC, Mac, Android and IPhone and soon to Windows Phone and with Windows 8 Certificate.

Get Bad Piggies on your preferred platform HERE!

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