Mobile Fun – Anger of Stick 2

Share this, one of the last surviving gaming website of the late 1990s – early 2000s era, before Youtube, before Xbox Live there was,, and Of course the last two don’t exist any more, although I do miss playing Divine Intervention and Barbwire Jump Rope from Rude Play and Super Cupid from Bonus but we still have Newsgrounds and Miniclips. We’ll probably get to Newgrounds in a Technology segment sometime in the up coming weeks but today, its Miniclips.

The amount of time wasted with Miniclips games, like Little Ninja, Sushi Go Round, Bush and Royal Rampage, Sniper, and Black Knight. Miniclips started in 2001 and is known for providing a large collection of games via their website So it was a matter of time before they started providing apps for cell phones.

hIIIII-YAH!Anger of Stick 2 is a side scrolling beat ’em up that is just unbelievably awesome, a true miniclips game. Do you remember those small hand-held games you use to play as kids (if you were born between 1989 and 1999.) You think ones you got if your parents couldn’t buy you a Game boy Colour or Game boy Advance? I do and Anger of Stick 2 reminds me of that, I could honestly play this game for hours.

You control a white stick man, and you must beat up a whole assortment of green, yellow, purple and blue coloured stick men though out the game. You use combos via your touch screen and collect coins ( by possibly looting the dead bodies of those you have annihilated and I do mean annihilate once you get a sword you are freaking unstoppable). The coins allow you to buy a variety of guns, other weapon and food to help your health.

This game is great for when you are suck on the bus, the train or just had a hard day and want to beat the crap out of a lord of stick figures.

Anger of Stick 2 is available on Android for Free. 

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