Mobile Fun – 3 Games on Top Apps I Can’t Play

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My cell phone is a T-Mobile Android Vivacity which means there are a lot of apps that, unfortunately are not compatible with it. These are my top three mobile apps that I am just gutted that I can’t play.

I am a huge fan of Minecraft so when I found out that there was a mobile version I was quick to find it and get it (couldn’t get it not compatible with my phone, Gutted). For those of you who have  been under  a rock for the last year and a bit. Minecraft is a sandbox building indie game created by Markus Persson (or Notch as he’s known by the gaming community) and his company Mojang. The game focuses mainly on building and creativity, allowing players to be creative with cubes (or blocks) within a 3D world. When it came out there was a huge storm amongst the gaming community  due to the freedom it gave its players, which became very popular. It’s popularity grew so much that gamers started making videos, web series and mini games (in the form of custom maps) within the game. In 2011 the beta version began to appear on computers across the world  as well Android phones, iOS and on May 9 2012 it was finally released to the console Xbox 360.

2. Temple Run

I blame my partner for this one as the first time I played Temple Run it was on his phone (Sony Ericson Xperia) and found myself happily addicted to it. Temple Run is an endless action video game, created by Imangi Studies. It was released, first on iOS in 2011 and came to Android in March 2012. The premise of the game is simple, you are an Indiana Jones type explorer running away from a bunch of angry demonic monkeys because you stole an idol from them. The player must control the explorer through varies obstacles, along the way you can collect coins (that you use to buy upgrades) and powerups to help you to get away from the monkeys. The main object of this game is to survive and be careful of low hanging tree trucks, missing bricks in the walk way and going around turns.

3. Dark Legends

A game that looks quite interesting, Dark Legends is a free vampire 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game.   Based around The Vampire Nation, a league of vampires whose existence is unfortunately  revealed to the world, are now hunted by humans. The player take the form a vampire who is must fight to survive in a world that has turned against them. It sounds unbelievably awesome and in a world where Twilight vampires have dominated the past  few years and  is finally coming to an end, this games seems like a breath of fresh air.It’s available on Android, but I can’t play it.


Because my phone sucks.

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