Mesh Viewers – Where are they?

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We have talked a lot about what mesh is, but not how you can experience it. Therefore I’ve taken the liberty of compiling this list of mesh-able viewers for you, just click the name for a link to the download page.

Viewer3 The standard SL viewer from Linden Labs. Great for newcomers, but it isn’t as customizable as the other viewers and it can be a bit unstable at times. At the moment one of the only viewers that can upload mesh.

Firestorm 3.x The next step in the evolution of the Phoenix Viewer. Powerful, but still in the beta stage, so it isn’t as stable as other viewers. Constantly updated and very customizable.

Kirstens Made for snapshots, machinima and other graphically heavy projects, this viewer was one of the first third party viewers to support mesh. This version is the final version thou, as the developer have discontinued the project, but it can upload mesh, so it might be a good alternative to V3.

Dolphin Viewer 3 The most stable viewer that supports mesh so far, and it have great customizability too.

Cool VL Proud to be ahead of LL on many bugfixes, Cool VL attempts to go beyond the standard viewers.

Stay tuned for the updated list as more viewers gets support for mesh.

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