Merry Christmas from Jamaica Inn

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Christmas is here, inworld and out. Snow covers every sim, but no sim is as into the christmas spirit as Jamaica Inn. Right as you come in, you’ll see snow, ice, christmas trees and gifts as long as your cam can perv. Mood is set by the music, that is all classic christmas jazz.


What really sets this place apart from everything else, thou, is the lack of signs and floating texts. This isn’t a place to go shopping, even thou you can. It’s not a place to get things stuffed in your face, it’s a place to take your family and just enjoy the season.

Raindeers in Jamaica

Ice-skating, santa with his gifts, hot chocolate on a snow-covered bench besides an icy lake, Jamaica Inn has it all.

Wether you want to dance in the snow, sit by the fireplace with your loved one or take pictures with Santa and the whole family, this place is for you.

Jamaica after all
It is a jamaican christmas after all


Music: Season sensitive, at the time of writing it is Christmas Jazz

Lag: Non-existing

Facilities: Ice-skating, tivoly, cafe, gift centre, photo poseballs (everywhere), shopping area, dancing stage

Enhancements: The sim changes with the seasons to reflect the current holiday. Not only the ground and decorations, EVERYTHING changes. Snow covers the rooftops and the tivoly rides at winter, the lake get swim-poses in the summer and so on.

Morphs rating: 10 out of 10, the embodiment of the season.

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