Menstuff Hunt Goodies

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After finishing 151 odd stores I’m well and truly into my unpacking but I wanted to share with you a few of the items that will most likely find their way into my inventory. Everything in the pictures I got from the hunt so the only prerequisites are really just time and imagination.

The SURL’s (or click-through links)  for all these items can be found on the Menstuff website here – just match the number listed below to the Menstuff website link.

GILI hair and hairbase – from Madesigns, MSH #1
Homage mens sunglasses – from PHILO, MSH #140
Revenge tattoo – from Wicked Tattoos, MSH #35 BadAss
Shirt, shorts and shoes – from Graffitiwear, MSH #39

Fusion hair – from BadAss, MSH #137
Shirt and shorts from Connors, MSH #34
Shoes from outfit detailed above

Pose from Exposuer, MSH #23

Sebastion hair and hairbase – from Jaryths, MSH #12
Piercing – from iPoke, MSH #51
Ramones shirt – from somapop, MSH #64
Snakeskin wristband – from Axion, MSH #86
Pants/ belt – Crank, MSH #143
GRIM tattoo – from Mortality, #63
Combat boots black – from Roughnecks, #67
Pose – from 0O0 Studios, MSH #42

Cowboy hat – from Mikavo, MSH #108
Piercing – from Acide!, MSH #54
Pants, shirt & wristbands – from Dark Water Designs, MSH #65
Boots – from [hate this], MSH #38
Pose – from Diesel Works, MSH #142

There are also a bunch of shapes to be had in this hunt, I’ve included them all below. These shapes may be of interest to you if you are tiring of your original or freebie shape picked up from a freebie store. Some have modify permissions so you can play around with the shape in appearance mode.

All shapes are photographed wearing my skin (which really doesn’t suit LAZ as that’s a teen avatar shape and needs a lighter skin) and the following items:

Sebastion hair and hairbase – from Jaryths, MSH #12
Square cut boxers (without optional prim attachment bulge) – from Lazybum, MSH #43
Pose – from Diesel Works, MSH #142

Left: Ben – from Ultimate Shapes, MSH #121
Right: Ryder – from Tamaron Forge (no modify), MSH #148

Left: Laz (teen shape) – from CS Shapes (no modify), MSH#62
Right: Empire Deluxe Menshunt shape – from Empire Deluxe (no modify), MSH #119

Left: Blade – from AM Shapes, MSH #138
Right: Michael – from INXX Body Institute (no modify), MSH #136

Left: Jesse – from NOVUS Studio’s (no modify), MSH #22
Right: – Gabriel – from SOPHISTISHAPES (no modify), MSH #97

Left: Riot – from Maverick Design (no modify), MSH #6
Right: Musim Jacob – from Body Doubles, MSH #61

Drake – from Shape it Up!, MSH #113

All this and I still have about 30 or so boxes to unpack and try on! There truly is something for everyone in this hunt so you should, if you haven’t already, give it a go.

Author: Steam Engineer
Pictures: Steam Engineer

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