Meet the Author: Francisca Darko of ‘I Lit The Moon’

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Young writer Francisca Darko met with the Torch to share her first book as well as her experience of being a young published author in  London. At 13 years old, she is an inspiration to young writers out there who believe that their dreams can come true.

She  commented about her writing experience, “I don’t really have much experience. I did spent a lot of time writing short stories when I was younger and I decided to try writing novels about a 3 years ago. I never finished any of the novels I began though. I would write a little then get bored with the plot or become too busy to continue. ‘I Lit The Moon’ is the first novel I’ve completed and that I published on my own.”

I Lit The Moon, tells the story of 13-year-old Payton, an orphan who resides at Cafford Orphanage. She is often subject to bullying by the other residents, that is until she is rescued by the mysterious Izzie, a new face to Cafford. Izzie takes an unusual interest in Payton, especially the incident surrounding her parents’ death and the only possession left to her, a magical book that is linked to the Egyptian Goddess Isis. Francisca spoke about the inspiration  behind the story, “ I love history, especially Mythology and since we aren’t really taught that in school, I would often research myth-based stories. My favourite ones are ancient Egyptian lore about the goddess Isis and that is where the idea for I Lit The Moon was born.”

Like many writers before her, Francisca has authors who have inspired her, “I read a lot and I don’t really have a favourite genre, I just enjoy reading it doesn’t really matter. There is a  long list of writers that I utterly admire, Malorie Blackman, Rick Riordan, Tess Geritssen, and Chris Carter are definitely on that list.”

We couldn’t leave the young author without asking her to pass on some of her wisdom to others. “My advice to any one who wants to write is to never give up. A story can start from the most simplest of ideas. You are never too young to have your work published. Just believe in what you’re writing, if you don’t then no one else will.”

I Lit the Moon’ isn’t the last we’ll hear from Francisca Darko, according to the young author she is working on another novel, that will have a more sci-fi touch to it.

 ‘I Lit The Moon’ is now available to buy on Amazon and is perfect for young readers.   ‘

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