MCM October 2016 Coverage | Rooster Teeth & RWBY Panels

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Rooster Teeth as a company has had a good year. Their staples of “Red vs Blue” and “RWBY” with is spin-off “RWBY Chibi” has continued on inn strides. But they’ve also release theyr first big budget feature film “Lazar Team” earlier in the year. At MCM, all sides were represented with Lindsay Jones, Kara Eberle, Arryn Zech, Barbara Dunkelman (in order ‘Ruby Rose’, ‘Weiss Schnee’, ‘Blake Belladonna’ and ‘Yang Xiao Long’) for a RWBY panel and Geoff Ramsey (‘Dexter Grif’ in “Red vs Blue”) and Jack Pattillo (co-manager of Achievement Hunter with Ramsey) for a Rooster Teeth panel.

Both of the panels acted more as a public questions and answers session overall. But between the “Million Dollar But…” questions there was some interesting answers.

For the RWBY panel, a lot of the interesting responses came from questions on voice acting and the production of the show itself. All of the panel have garnered popularity from being in such a well received series so their plenty of words of advice for new voice actors. What was interesting was the difference in their paths to voice acting with some varying from alwasys aiming for the industry to falling in the their roles. There was also some interesting advice in how to do voice acting with Jones gaving some sage voice acting advice saying “If your giving hits it’s sex noises. If you taking, its poop.” The four of them show the berth of voice talent that the series has.

On the production side of things, the panel voiced high praise for Miles Luna (current co-writer) and Kerry Shawcross (current co-writer and series director) for continuing the legacy of Monty Oum (the series’ creator) after his untimely death last year saying that their knowledge of the characters and the series is “amazing” and that they’ve continued on the series with the same power through the previous and latest season.

The latest series of RWBY is being released now on Rooster Teeth and on YouTube.


The main Rooster Teeth panel felt more relaxed. They first opened with a selection of frequently asked question answers as they had done a smaller selection of panels with smaller outlets.

Some of the answers were more obvious like “we are doing more ‘Red vs Blue’” and “Jeremy really did break Gavin’s desk”. Others were more sombre acceptances of finance and location saying “if you want to work at Rooster Teeth, it’s best to be in America” and “while we want to do an RTX (Roost Teeth Expo) UK and a ‘Let’s Play Live UK’, they simply can’t and their are no plans for them at the moment”.

Ramsey talked at length on his productions, talking about his new series over the year including “Schooled”, a series presented by himself and his daughter ‘Millie’ Ramsey. But he also mentioned that of his “2016 ideas” some of them had to be pushed into 2017 so there are more new series to come.

When talking about his past production history, both he and Pattillo talked about how the Extra Life charity streams started. The 24-hour stream has become a yearly event with Rooster Teeth becoming the number one donator through the Extra Life stream. As well as the company stream on the 12th this month, they talked about the first community stream that incorporates Rooster Teeth UK as well as other international Rooster Teeth groups.

Rooster Teeth shows can be found through Rooster Teeth First and their Extra Life charaty stream can be seen here on 12 November.

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