MCM London May 2016 Coverage: Tomska Transcribed Interview

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Wil: I‘m here with Tomska, Thomas “Tomska” Ridgewell. (Saying full names gets a somewhat nervous laugh though I did mean to say Tom.) How’s MCM been for you?

Tom: MCM’s great. It’s the Friday so it very quiet, and I’m… completely… I need that adrenalin, I need that fear of a long cue to keep me going, you know. Like as soon as I see the back of the cue, suddenly I relax and then I’m dead on my feet.

Wil: So your waiting for Saturday then?

Tom: Oh yeah. Conserving all my real energy for Saturday.

Wil: You’ve set you self to do 3 stage talks, one each day. What’s that been like?

Tom: Yeah, I love going on the stage. But on the Friday, it’s always the weirdest one. I jump on the stage, I… screw it all up. I’m really nervous, I botch every announcement, I have no confidence. And that’s like a practice day. It’s the one were I have to go as long as I can till I lose the fear so on Saturday, I’m ready. It’s always the funny one to go to. I’m showing new videos, taking questions and hopefully making people laugh.

Wil: You said in your talk that the “Fantasy Dream Bed” was almost in ‘development hell’. Is there any other project that have ended up like that?

Tom: Oh my god… Development hell is a very crowded place for me. I have so many projects that have been there for years. I have “Holy Shit Cats 2”, “Baby with a Gun 2”, I have a place were I put all the videos that die, and there’s a lot. I lose about 5 videos a year, that get abandoned mid way through. (Followed by a laughing “Damn it”.)


Wil: You’ve been vlogging a lot more through your second Dark Squidge. How’s that been? Has that been cathartic for you?

Tom: Oh yeah, it’s really, really good value doing vlogging. Because you need to share a bit when you talk to a bunch of… strangers. No, it’s really nice. On one hand I’m connecting with my audience more. But on the other I’m also documenting my life and … the last few years of my life has flown by so fast. I remember nothing of it. But when you vlog it, and it comes out it really good for the memories so it’s been good for me for remembering my life.

Wil: Has there ever been anything that you’ve gone “I can’t show that” and had it cut out from your vlogging videos?

Tom: No. I’m always living in fear that one day I might… like film myself naked somehow by accident. Like if I do a little head shot vlog and there will be my dick in it somewhere and my poor editor will have to see that. I’ve managed to release bank details, address’, passwords just in the past few months, like in the background. Luckily no ever notices them. It happens a lot. I’m really stupid. I’d be less concerned about releasing my own nudes then my bank details.

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