MCM Comic Con London (October 2014) Torch Coverage

MCM London Oct 2014 Banner
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So MCM (Because it was once called the MCM [Movie Comic Media] Expo) Comic Con London came around again. And for the first time in a long time, I was there to greet it. The last time I went to MCM was many, MANY years ago. But this time I went with my fancy-ist of press hats.

As the stuff was released sporadically, here is the list of  the Torch: Entertainment Guide MCM London coverage;

Big thanks to MCM for giving me a press pass (was my first so was sort of special) and to everyone who went.

See you at MCM Midlands 2015 in February! (Company paid trip with Kennie, Chris by the looks of at the moment.) Then in London not soon after in the May after I guess. So see you in London in May and maybe earlier in the Midlands.

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