MCM Comic Con London (May 2015): The Other Games

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While “Batman Arkham Knight” get a whole post to itself, the rest of the games that were at the show get combined together. This is more because they were the ones effectively waving their arms about screaming “look at us!” over the top of everyone else. After the months of them doing that and saying nothing to how the game is actually going to play besides pre-recorded besides John Noble giving an interesting incite into the Scarecrow. Even the arse that was “Assassin’s Creed Unity” have a demo this close to release. They could at least demoed the level/mission they have dissected and showed whole chunks of live gameplay off to the ‘accredited’ press. Anyway, that’s another matter.

There was “LEGO: Jurassic World” who had a demo and a panel, the “Mad Max” game had a no-recording panel and “Mighty No. 9” had a panel and an extended playable demo.

Not much can be said for “LEGO: Jurassic World”. Mainly because it is yet another LEGO game combined with a contemporary licence. LEGO games by this point are just expected to be great and from what I played it is. The demoed section was the famous section on the first film were the T-Rex escapes and confronts the group for the first time. It showed the puzzle elements, which are the same as usual so simple but rewards exploration, the lead characters and their skills which are varied and useful (most of the time), an how they smoothed the more adult edges to get rid of the gory/scary buts. The most obvious was when Gennaro (Martin Ferrero’s character in the film) gets eaten. While in the film he gets bi-secreted, in the game he sheepishly brushes the Rex’s teeth with a near by brush he found in the toilet before being enveloped whole by the Rex’s mouth and quiet swallow sound is played. Still a little strong but it’s better then him getting bitten in half.

The game has all 4 films in the series adapted into the usual LEGO style with the usual red brick unlockable cheats, unlockable characters and a free play mode. It seems like it is going to be distinctly smaller then their previous title, “LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham” but that DC throwing the entire DC universe at at game. Only Marvel can even match that and they are spending most of their time being in Disney games as per their masters wishes to be in a LEGO game. And DC would never allow it.

The next large title was the “Mad Max” tie-in game. One big difference to this game to other tie-in games is that it is mostly separate to the film. Max is in the title role but the Max in the game has more a look connecting with the old Mel Gibson Max than Tom Hardy Max of “Fury Road”. That I like. If they slid in an idea that ‘Mad Max’ was a personal title (like ‘The Batman’ or ‘Snake’ to use gaming examples) so there could be multiple Max’s running about in different stories would be ok. That could be something that’s in the film. Haven’t seen it yet. Will see it eventually. I wait for the reviews and then get the DVD these days because money. Seeing it once over having in a watch anytime collection is something I prefer when money is tight. Anyway, the game seems great! One thought that I had watching the gameplay video they had was “this looks and plays like ID’s “Rage” from a while ago”. For me, that was ok. I really liked “Rage”. One of the few people that did I think. The game revolves around making Max’s Magnum Opus, a wasteland super-car made from parts and unlockables that you find in the game. The amount of customisation that you can have with the car is huge. And you can strap anything from the mandatory harpoon gun to flamethrowers and just plain guns onto the car as well for defence. When you not driving about you are a very Gibson looking Max (so looking like a black leather clad Vault 101 guy) who fight enemies with a “Arkham style” combat mechanics or just with the sawn-off if your feeling sassy.

After not hearing that much about the game for some time it was reassuring to the game this finished and with a high probability that I could be good or even great. The stand out thing that happened at the panel had nothing to do with the game though. One of the developers said that getting some of the crowd shouts for the antagonist Sabous Scrotus (hope I’m spelling that correctly) using the other guys in the office wasn’t that great. So as an opener, he got all of use to stand up and shout “Scrotus!” over and over while he recorded it on his phone. WB had cameras everywhere so guess they are getting the audio from that or they just had that as an ice-breaker. Hell of an ice-breaker if it was.

The last major game was “Mighty No’ 9”. They had a demo of it on a couple of screens and had a panel. I’m not much of a “Megaman” player but the series was the proto-platformer so it was interesting to see. As the game was Kickstarted, they have been pretty open about what final product will be. If you didn’t know, it’s going to be a side scrolling 2.5D platformer where you have a hand blaster and enemies in your way so time for some pew pew. It’s 2.5D because the sprites and levels are 3D rendered but the whole game is played on just the 2D plane. It was very much funded with nostalgia so it barely sways from the old “Megaman” style which leads me to the panel.

Most of the panel was question and answers with Keiji Inafune himself. Yeah, he Skyped in from Japan at mid-day (so ~8PM Japan local time) and talked to an interpreter just to answer some fan questions. Have to hand it to the guy. That is dedication. Anyway, the first question was a Megaman question to which his response was “direct all of your Megaman questions to Capcom” so I assume that with “Mighty No. 9” he has tied the knot over the series and wants to move on. One sort of Megaman question he answered was what was the differences between the two series’ and what ideas were brought over. He said that one thing he wanted to change with No. 9 was to have a sense of speed and to concentrate on speed rather than precision. One example was that in Megaman, if you weren’t precise you would fall on to spikes and be killed. In No. 9, there was less chance of that but if you mess up at speed you would still die. So it’s less ‘not pixel perfect and fall to your death’ and more ‘missed at Mach 1 and you now just a smear’. He said that it will pose a challenge to not just people new to his style of game (so people who haven’t played Megaman) and those that have.

That’s all for the big game but there is still the indie title to talk about but that will have to be another post.

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