March Military Expo

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March 25th marked the beginning of the Military Expo, a 5 day convention that celebrates Military Life in Second Life.MElogo

Event Manager Jessii Warhol states: “ I saw that there were a lot of Military  vehicle creators in Second Life, many of which aren’t known the residents who are outside of the Military community. I wanted to draw attention to them, as well as the World War II Memorial sims. ”

The World War II Memorial sims are home to the Flying Tigers, a military/ roleplay aviation group that is based on the real life Flying Tigers, the  American Volunteer Group of the Chinese Air force. It is also home to a scale replica of the World War ll Memorial in Washington D.C. USA.

DecedentflyingPilot Decedent Chemistry joined the Flying Tigers in 2011: “ Well I have always enjoyed flying around in SL for as long as I can remember. I had even attempted to get into the field in real life but wasn’t approved. At the time I joined I was looking for a new place to fly that had engaging staff and members that got along well with each other. I gave it a shot and I’m still here a year later. “

Jessii comments: “ We are a newcomer friendly sim, any one who is interested in military aviation, weaponry or vehicles are welcome to join us.”

Check out the blog for more info on the  Fly Tigers and the World War ll Memorial Park and don’t forget to check out the Military Expo.

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