Man Week – The Flying Tigers

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The Flying Tigers of Second Life are a WW2 based military aviation group, which channels the spirit of the real life Flying Tigers that the group is based on. The real life Flying Tigers which consisted of pilots from the United States military branches.  The Flying Tigers of real life were famous for their shark faced planes and their many flying successes during WW2.

In Second Life, the Flying Tigers have the shark faced planes and have had many flying successes like their real life counterparts. The group is currently the largest aviation group in Second Life.  The group has WW2 and modern aviation squadrons and a pilot academy, where you can learn how to fly in Second Life. 

The Flying Tigers group was created in 2008 in Second Life, by avatars Guarocuya “G” Giano, Matrix Amiot, and Bradyn Halcali. G wanted to bring the real life military spirit of loyalty into Second Life.

While the group is military based, one does not have to formally enlist to enjoy the sims of the Flying Tigers. Currently the sims are open to anyone who wants to have a low lag place to fly. If you do not have your own plane, there are plane rezzors on the WW2 Tribute Sim.

When flying around the sims you may notice two replicas of important real life landmarks. One replica is of the Washington Monument, which offers a teleport to the top, so that you can take in great sim views and another replica is of the WW2 Memorial.

The Flying Tigers’ Pilot Academy holds its graduations at the WW2 Memorial, to remind avatars why the group exists and to honor those who were truly “The Greatest Generation.” G often remarks that it amazes him that many people have forgotten that WW2 was fought or why it was fought and he is doing his bit of service to Second Life, by having a place that reminds people of WW2 and how the war demonstrated humanity at it “its best and its worst.”

After a day of flying you can relax and party at Amelias’ Pilot Lounge, which offers live djs and contests.  The group also has had a variety of exhibitions over the past few months. These exhibitions include: the Military Expo, the SL Airport Expo, and the recent Fourth of July Festival.

If you do not know how to fly or want to get started flying in Second Life, then consider enrolling in the Flying Tigers’ Pilot Academy, which just transitioned to a hybrid format, where the text content of the previous courses has been placed online and the flying portion of the Academy, remains in world. If you would like to enlist with the Flying Tigers, then just fill out their handy online enlistment form. You can stay up to date with the latest news and events at the Flying Tigers’ sims by visiting their official website.

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