Man Week– Second Life Goes Medieval

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Many aren’t aware of the role-playing side of second life. Specially designed and laid out Sims set up for your role-Snapshot _ Dice's Sanctuary, The Cape (11, 98, 21) - Moderateplaying fun. You can be anything from knight in shinning armor to a bandit from the old west to a samurai warrior. One of the most popular is the Medieval Period. A world where creatures both real and of fantasy thrive. But entering in these worlds you must look the part. I went on a search to find the best costumes available. My first start was marketplace. I go there because of the search engine that allows you to search in detail for what you need. You can also search for items in a certain price range if your budget is limited. Searching from $0L to $200L I found a place called Madison’s Creations.

Madison Winthorpe, designer of quality men’s and women’s clothing since 2006, specializes in gorgeous medieval fantasy and renaissance clothing for all kinds of wear in SL. There were 23 items in that price range to choose from for men. She also has a store in world as well. So I visited her store. I found things easy to find and she has a men’s outfit for free. I got the freebie, which you see me wearing in the picture below. Considering my AV is a little larger then most the fit wasn’t too bad. It’s a basic outfit, but that is where the fun begins. I have found that mixing and matching pieces from other similar outfits will give you a more custom look. I look for items that allow you to modify the color and size if at all possible. Accessories found in world or in marketplace can really make you stand out. The last thing you want to do is look like everyone else while role-playing.

Words & Picture by: Kyle Dice Stonebender

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