Man Week– Motorcycles Store Review

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I search a few stores for the best price.. A lot of places cost an arm and a leg for a good bike or car.. First my favourite bike shop Dark Fold Designs. Their bikes and cars are not only fun to drive but they don’t make you go all crazy nuts when you ride around. All bikes are 400L and cars are 399-499L and there is a Bike and car combo for 699.

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But if your really strapped for the green stuff and you want a hog that looks sweet without taking a chunk out of your wallet try Black Widow Motors..From when I looked around all their bikes were 10L.. You heard me. 10L and their bikes are very very awesome!

Motor bikes 10
An Other shops i fond like HG Bike Shop quite a deal on their bikes from 500 to 700L Handsome details that make you just go wow!

Finally BUR Motorcycles Island just some kick ass bikes that make ya want to grab your honey and take her out on the town.. Just make sure you don’t scratch the paint.. Their Bikes price from 299- 4k the few 299 bikes are just as good as the 4k.. I have two myself.

Words & Pictures by: Silverflame Mistwalker

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