Making Clothes in SecondLife: A Tutorial

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There are many ways of making clothes in Second Life, and a lot of different styles of clothes that avatars can wear. A lot of it is very complicated and there are tutorials out there to help you if you want to learn the complicated party of clothes making. For now I will just go over the basics of clothes making, and by basic, I mean you don’t have to use GIMP or Photoshop to do it.


1) To start your outfit off Right click your avatar and select Edit Out.


2)  This is will open the “Edit Outfit’


3) You can then create new clothes by click ing New clothes and choosing from the list of items available to you.


4) First we will start off with pants, there are different options available to you from making your shorts or pants, long or short to making it wrinkle or not wrinkle.


5) You can also change the colour of the pants, from the Color/tint menu. Here I have chosen a black colour but you can choose what ever you want from the menu provided for you.


6) Now for the shirt, the vest item on the picture shows that its an undershirt, you can make it as a shirt.


7) Instead of using colour and tint I will use  Texture which directs you to a menu that allows you to use items from your inventory.


8 ) Like the pants you can edit the way your shirt looks by using the slide menus, here I have drown my collar front down to make a bit of a cleavage.
Here is the finished product:


That is the basics behind making clothes in Second Life, but if you are interested in making clothes a lot more complicated and stylish it is worth visiting clothes making classes in Second Life, as well as searching Youtube for other tutorials.

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