Make Him Over Hunt #6 on the way

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Hot news, the MHO6 hunt dates have just been announced – July 20 to August 20.  Now, yours truly needs to declare a conflict of interest, I’m an advert model for the hunt and a moderator for the hunt group, however, that being said I really can’t wait.

The ad campaign is a little unique and the following is taken from the hunt blog:
“Each year, as a tradition, we create a special advertising campaign with people who love the idea of Make Him Over. This year we have two concepts for this campaign: Emotions and Destiny Line. These are a variety of people who are not afraid to show their emotions on the ADs in Second Life and are willing to share their real stories with you! Each story is the unique destiny of a person who came into the World called Second Life. Each day before the hunt, we are going to post on our blog one AD and the story of one person and send it through our group. We chose people of absolutely different backgrounds for the campaign: members of our group, models, designers, officers, and other persons who support the idea of Make Him Over! You can find these ADs only at the authorized stores of Make Him Over”.

So yes I will be doing the hunt, yes I will be blogging about it here and yes I do look funny in the advert but no I didn’t choose the pictures….

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Keep having fun.

Words: Steam Engineer
Picture: Vic Zuzu

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