Lucky Mania Camper Dash and Vend!

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There are many ways to gain free items in Second Life, many use Freebie Givers that depend on the amount of people who visit a store, others random and pay out by showing letters.

Mini Mania: Boards that payout gift cards, outfits, shoes and other items every 20 – 30 minutes, each mini mania boards time depends on the owner of the board.

Midnight Mania: Boards that also payout gifts cards, outfits, shoes and other items but are rigged to close and return start at midnight Second Life time.

Slap & Dash: Boards that are involved in the Slap and Dash hunt group, group that moves from sim to sim clicking on slap & dash boards. Slap & Dash is a group dedicated to finding every Mini Mania, Midnight Mania and Slap & Dash boards all over Second Life’s Grid. Copy and Paste the url in world to join: secondlife:///app/group/c5314d2b-abec-dd13-477d-cbf185678d17/about

Lucky Chairs, Lucky Letters, Unlucky Chairs, Product Camping are other ways to gain free items in Second Life.


Lucky Chairs, Lucky Letters and Unlucky Chairs show a letter that must match the first letter of a Username.

Product Campers requires a user to sit or stand in one particular place for a certain amount of time before receiving the item which would be shoes, clothes or accessories.

Riot Vends require a user to pay for the item but works by how many avatars are on the sim at a particular time. The more people who are on the sim the less the price on the Vends will be.

So if you see a Mini, Midnight Mania or Slap & Dash Click on it! If you see a lucky chair with the first letter of your name don’t be afraid to sit. Even an unlucky chair is lucky!

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