LoveCats, Fae and Neko Fashion – Fantasy Week

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LoveCats is a wonderful little shop with loads of fashion for all fantasy creatures. With it’s many departments, you’re bound to find something you like here. As the name suggests, it’s mainly neko fashion, but it has loads of fae outfits too.

The prices range from 200-500L$, but don’t dispair if you’re strapped for cash, there’s no less than 8 Lucky Letter boards that updaters every 10 minutes, all of them with 500L$ outfits, 2 Midnight Mania boards, one for male and one for female and if you join the group, you get an amazing 10 different outfits for free.

Other group benefits range from free events, to reduced prices to occational handouts of free giftcards.

The group is really active and apart from casual chatting about neko and fae fashion, the staff also announces the lucky letters from time to time, giving you a chance to know if you could grab a free outfit without even having to be in the shop.

The shop is divided into several sections, there’s the fashion department, with it’s subsections. There’s the main room, with neko outfits from floor to roof and a huge sign in the middle, with three selected outfits for groupmembers to buy for half price. Each of the outfits is also worn by a member of staff, waiting by the sign to help out everyone who needs it or just to chat if that ‘s what you want.

To the left is the Fae Room, with litterally hundreds of fae outfits for both him and her, all of them looks amazing and has been given great care when designing the details. There’s also a section here with matching outfits for him and her.

To the right is the group room, with loads of gifts and discounts for group members. Here you’ll find all 10 of the free group gifts, all available as soon as you have signed up. Joining the group is free, so you don’t have anything to lose here. You’ll also find a few camping chairs here. If you have the time, but don’t have the dime, you’ll get nice things here.

Beyond the group room there’s a room designed for kid avis, with childrens version of the outfits sold in the rest of the store. Thongs have been switched out for regular panties or shorts, short skirts have been made a bit longer and revealing shirts have been made less revealing, so that you kid avis out there can enjoy these fantastic designs too.

Just outside you’ll find another entrance, this is the accessories store, filled to the brim with tails, ears, skins, shoes and other accessories you might need if you’re a fae or neko.

Here are some of the free group gifts and Lucky Board prizes:


Article by: Morphman

Photos by: Morphman

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