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Sunday came around and I was doing window shopping Second Life, until I got an Instant Message from one of my friends telling me about a store. Obviously I jumped on the nearest Teleport over and landed in a place called Koko which has a main store, an out let and a newcomer friendly store.

The Newcomer store has free skins for those residents that are under 6 month old. Skins can also be bought for 99L$.  The store has also a variety of Eyelashes, Eyes and Hair which range from 10L$ – 50L$. The Main store has a great range of shoes and clothes that are priced between 49L$ – 300L$ and more. The Outlet store has shoes, gowns and other outfits from 49L$ – 99L$ although some of the items in this store are quite pricey.

All in all Koko is a great store for newcomers and older residents with lots of group gifts. It’s even better if you enjoy 80’s music while you’re shopping.

Newcomer Friendly: 5 out of 10

Music: 9 out of 10

Lag: 6 out of 10

Over all experience: 6 out of 10

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