London Week – NRRA, Car Crazy

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Meet Nina Roar, an exceptional woman who went from a life as a housewife straight to the high-octane life of racing cars. And she doesn’t stop there, she builds them too. And she owns several teams, and a track.

Meet her company, Nina Roar Racing Association, NRRA for short.

So Nina Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do here in Second Life.

My company is called NRRA. NRRA is the parent company to many smaller ones, it’s about 700 members in all. The company is almost 2 years old at this point, I have been in sl almost 5 years now

Tell us about the event here in Hyde Park.

The event here at the park was a chance for my customers to compete against each other outside of racing. Each car in the show was a custom job,so they were competing against each other in that way.

I chose 2 judges from one of the parties here to judge the best painted and themed car. The prize was 10,000 L$.

It was also a chance to work with London, it was a very pleasant experience

Was this your first event in London?

Yes it was but i look forward to having more. I’m sure Jessii will come up with something lol

How do you feel about the things you have achieved and the fact that you were able to bring your passion into second life?

Honestly I feel it’s just the tip of the iceberg. I have so many plans for sl! I plan to bring struggling companies into the NRRA and guide them to where I feel they should be. I have a great staff that understands my goals. I am a minority company and I see a lot of companies trying to make it, but all end up as a club of some type. I saw the football stadiums, as grand as they are, end up with a dance floor in center field. People have the goals but not the guidance to achieve them. I feel we can help.

Point being: if you set out to own a team or a mall, then stay with that dream. Do not end up as a club because you feel you have to have instant traffic.

Do you promote newbie friendliness or do your company offer anything to the newcomers of Second Life?

As far as helping, I do what I can as an owner, but my teams are always reaching out and helping newcomers get adjusted to sl. We offer a lifestyle that a lot of people would love to live, making money as a pro driver. A new person can go from not knowing anything at all about sl, join one of my race teams, be trained in an hour and in 2 hours be racing for 100 usd pot. It’s unique in sl that you have an owner and staff such as we have.

I put 200 usd per week back into my race pots so that every driver has a chance to make a living as a driver. My goal is for the drivers not have to do any type of side work.

Do you have any other events planned?

Well no car shows planned as of yet but we have racing events daily, 2 per day. We also have events that span over a 16 week period. Those are very good for the drivers.

We have a televised event, NNROC, that we do every Thursday, on VWN1.

We also have once per month our Whale event. That’s a 5000L$ buy in. Drivers can pay in or find a sponsor, but the pot if you win is 500 usd. I’m not the only drag track in sl, and this gets touchy, but when I 1st got into this, not the building or the company but when i 1st started to frequent tracks I would experience racism. I would be the only female as well as the only african american. Voice in sl was new and i would hear a lot of things being said, so when i opened my track I knew that my 1st most important goal was to provide an atmosphere where everyone felt appreciated.

It’s all about racing when u step on the track, anything that might slow your times you remove. If an earring slows me by 0,01, I remove it. That small millisec can cause me to lose. It takes some getting use to but we have a lot of scripts and timers and they must be accurate so we have to work around them

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