London Week – Take a Stroll Down High Street London pt.2

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What can I say, I’m swedish, so when I saw the sign saying Så Roligt I just had to walk in there. It was not what I expected, but it was a pleasant surprise.

This store sells sexy clothes to a reasonable price, ranging from 100-300L$ for a complete outfit.  I asked Rolig Loon, the owner and creator, about the shop and her involvement with London.

What is the history behind the name?

Rolig Loon


It’s a play on my own name.  In Swedish, “rolig” means “funny,” as in a funny story.  In Danish or Norwegian the same word means “calm.”  I’d be happy if I could live up to either of those descriptions, so it seemed right to try for the same feel in my shop.  The play on words?  “Sa roligt!” means “Such fun!”

What has been your main inspiration?

The challenge of creating things that I’d be pleased to wear myself, and the satisfaction of finding that other people like them too.  I design clothes that ought to appeal to professional women, the kind of clothes that help you look attractive without making the clothing the center of attention.   Even as I create negligees, I am inspired by the challenge of using a fabric or the cut of a bodice to augment the wearer’s own personality, not letting the garment be the showpiece.  I prefer dresses myself and I like interesting, colorful prints, so I’m often inspired by finding a pleasing fabric.

Do you have anything aimed at new residents in your store?

Not specifically, but I really don’t think of newcomers as different from long-time residents.  I price all my clothing in a range that ought to fit anyone’s pocketbook, and I design for an average figure so most things should fit with a minimum of adjustment.  I will be most pleased if a dress from Sa Roligt! is one of your first purchases in SL and is still a favorite a year later or more.

SLURL to Så Roligt

A taste of Så Roligt’s clothes:

Another store on High Street is Fenwitch & CO, one of Rob Fenwitch several stores. This store sells gadgets for stores, offices and such for a really low price. I ran into Mr. Fenwitch himself while taking a stroll, he’s often seen wandering around London, so I asked him a few questions.

Why did you chose London for your stores?

Rob Fenwitch


I was a resident in London before and was asked to stock and run two freebie shops for the estate. Later I was asked to open two more; one in Hyde Park and later in Knightsbridge. By this time I was living in and working for VL London so it seemed natural to open shops here once I had started to make things.

What has been your main inspiration?

The things I sell in my shops are things I originally made for my own use. I opened the firework reseller store in Kensington because I needed some fireworks and there wasn’t a shop in London that sold them.

Are these London stores the only stores you have?

I have one other branch of Fenwitch & Co. in a SIM which I share with friends.

Do you have anything aimed at new residents in your store?

The freebies shops are entirely aimed at new residents. In particular, I noticed that mens clothing was quite rarely found in freebies stores so I made a point of stocking those.

What does the future for the Fenwitch stores look like?

Alas, the magic 8 ball works no better in Second Life than it does in Real LIfe.

Article by: Morphman

Photos by: Morphman

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