London Fashion Week in SL – A story in pictures; Day 5, the grand finale

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We were back on the last day of the Virtual London Fashion Week and were treated to 4 shows this evening. We’ve got lots of pictures and juicy interviews for you today.

Because of technical issues, the last show of the 4th day was postponed to today.

DJ Eva Adored

All the models looked great in the designs and with the jazzy spinner Eva Adored’s music it was a perfect start of the evening.

Izzie Morgan catch up with the event’s DJ Eva Adored, in a brief interview, the glamour musical woman of the hour stated, ” This was my second fashion week to dj for and it’s a fun experience.  I enjoyed djing for the fashion shows, especially as they requested jazz. It really is no different to me. The client commissions you to play something specific and you do your job. I love my music and value any opportunity to share it.”

First out was Estravaganza, made by Estralia Guisse. As I watched the show I couldn’t help but notice here there, at the front of the catwalk, watching the show with great joy, so I walked up to her and asked if I could have an interview. This nice italian woman happily agreed and this is what she had to say:

Estralia Guisse

How did you feel about seeing your collection modelled on stage?

For me it was a thrill. Before I became a designer, I was a model.I know a good show when I see one.
To see the models wear my designs were a great pleasure.
How do you think the whole event went?

I’m sorry for the lag issues last night and earlier today. (ed. note: The sim was too laggy to showcase anything and the event had to be postponed and finally relocated) But that’s things that happens in SL :)))

Do you have anything in your store aimed towards newcomers?

In my store there is two full outfits and a costume. I also often present my clothes. I think helping a newbie is helping all of us.

What has been your main inspiration for your designs?

These clothes are made by me and Traveler, he was already a creator of a popular brand of mens clothes. He and I have created every piece of clothing with love, given them all the name of a song, because we think fashion and music makes a great pairing.

(Ed. Note; Estrelia is italian and we communicated via translators, the answers have been modified for easier reading)

Here are the designs Estravaganza had to showcase:

Next up on the stage was Sonia, luxurious fashion made by Sonia28 Jie.

With a constant smile on her face she watched the show while she answered some of our questions.

How do you feel about seeing your collection on stage?

Sonia herself

Makes me feel proud actually. It is always nice to see other people’s reaction to what i create.

What do you think about this whole event?

I consider it a successful one, the models were very professional the setting was great and a plus lots of people seem to be enjoying the show.

Does your store have anything special for newbies, as freebies, dollarbies or something like that?

Yes I have few freebies for all residents freebies for group members of son!a and freebies almost every month given away.

What was your main inspiration when designing these clothes?

It was a pre spring collection so i wanted to present flowy styles with bright and soft colors.

You can see Sonia’s wonderful creations for yourself here:

Jenni Eros designs were next up when her store Afrodite showcased these amorous designs. A nervous Jenni answered some questions once her nerves settled after the show.

How do you feel when you see your designs on stage like this?

Jenni Eros

Nervous, proud, kinda like a roller coaster of mixed emotions…sometimes I see errors in the clothes even lol

What did you think of the whole event?

Oh I love it actually, I use to model so love fashion shows, I think its a fun event

Since we’re aimed towards newbies, do you have any bargains, freebies or other things in your store aimed toward the new residents?

I have tons of freebies i just put out 28 free outfits and another 30 or so for 1L yesterday

What has your main inspiration been?

Oh that is hard….

I think it would be NY fashion desingers mostly…..i go and view their shows and gain inspiration there usually

rl new york fashion

Afrodites sexy designs:

The grand finale of VLFW was Azoury, where a once tired audience became wide-eyed by Mayhem Seetan’s fabulous designs. Even Opium’s own general manager, Federica went on stage this time.


In an interview, this is what Mayhem had to say about the event, the show and her store:

How do you feel about seeing your collection on stage?

I ‘m very happy and really glad to see my collection paraded on stage with very beautiful  and professional models !!

What do you think about this whole event?

It’s really nice to do events like this . This allows  regroup and make known some talented designers and especially with a modeling professional agency (Opium Fashion Agency) .

Does your store have anything special for newbies, as freebies, dollarbies or something like that?

The gift for the AZOURY group that changes every month , often complete outfits (clothes and shoes) .

What was your main inspiration when designing these clothes?

From everywhere, things seen in catalogs, blogs, television for example, daily life … You just , open your eyes :))

These were the awe-striking designs from Azoury:

Article and photos by: Morphman

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