London Fashion Week in SL: A Story in Pictures – Day 3

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Another day and two more virtual designers take the catwalk  at SL London Fashion Week, this time ’round it was the turn of Queen of Casual Indyra Seigo from Indyra Originals  and Cyber sisters Syane & Systi Cisse with their  Avant Garde clothing line [sYs].

The day started with a Street Party at Club Capital dancing away to the bumping beats of DJ Eva Adored, the event was hosted by Club Capital and London’s Owner Jessii Warrhol.
Then it was off to the show which was filled with awesome music of  DJ Kyle Enimo and hosted by the amazing Manager of Opium Gen Federica Galtier. First up Indyra Originals:

The clothes themselves were once again modelled the beautiful  Top Models of Opium Gen Model Agency. They carry each piece of clothing with grace and attitude.

After the show The Torch catch up with audience member Abbie Doghouse, A Fly Girls Manager, who happily shared

Abby herself
DJ Kyle

her opinion on Indyra Originals: ” I thought the show was beautiful! This was my first fashion show and I enjoyed it so much! So many beautiful clothing, shoes, hair, accsories, ect.”

Next to cross our path was the DJ Kyle Enimo, who told us of his excitement of being part of such a huge event: “I love it, something new and exciting, I usually do weddings  and services in SL.  I’ll be DJing for all the events but two on Saturday morning. Like real life, You want something in SL you have to earn it.”

After walking around Kensington High street and visiting several of their stores ( and even buying an outfit or two). We headed over Hyde Park to get check the [sYs] Fashion show.  Once again the Opium Gen Top Models dances across the stage to the rocking beats (To DJ Kyle of Course)  in amazing cyber and futuristic outfits, that would make future steampunk enthusiast Jules Verne jealous.  This was the very definition of high fashion with amazing designs in a glamorous and mind blowing collection.

Don’t believe us? We let the pictures do the talking for [sYs]:

Another show finished and as day came to a clothes Torch was able to get an interview with the amazing cyber sisters.

Is this your first time at LFW?

Systi Cisse: Yeah, Izzie.

How you feel about seeing your clothes modelled on the catwalk?

Syane Cisse: We’re always honored when we ‘re seeing great and famous models wearing our outfits.

Systi Cisse: yes, it’s always a real honnor for us.

How did you think it went?

Syane Cisse: Beautifull !! The models, the organisation …

Systi Cisse: A good tempo…

Syane Cisse: We loved how they have stylised our creations.

(A Opium Model pointed out that SL was finally behaving itself that way, which rarely ever happens)

Tell me a little bit about your collection?

Systi Cisse: We mixed   a lot of inspirations.

Syane Cisse: Hmmmm we’ve a lot of inspirations : ethnic, temporaly , ……

Systi Cisse: Cyber culture and fashion.

Syane Cisse: And we think that the future is now, and why the future don’t be sexy and glamour ^^

Systi Cisse: We love Jodorowsky, Moebius, and Galiano, Gaultier, and others.

The Torch SL is aimed at Newbies, we’re trying to get the best experience for them in SL and that includes giving them access to the best clothes, Does [sYs] have any Freebie offers or bargains that could be aimed at Newbies?

Systi Cisse: Yes of course!

Syane Cisse: Yes skins , shirt , jetpack, make up …. tatoo…all is on our Mainstore 🙂

Morphman got the hold of another member of the audience, a priest by the name of Father Godde. They started talking a bit:

What did you think of the show in general?

Father Godde: I found the creations much more interesting than I thought I would

The outfits would crossover well in RL

Is this your first fashion show?

Father Godde: Yes in SL

Why did you select this show as your first?

Father Godde: I fell upon it by accident if I am honest

I was just passing

Well that is day two finished, Roll on Day Three!

Izzie Morgan

Images by: Morphman the Clown.

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