London Fashion Week in SL – A story in pictures; Day 1

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Jessii Warrhol, Entertainment Leader of the London sims

As some of you know and many others don’t, the Fashion Week is here. This year it’s London’s turn to host the worldrenown event. Did you know London is also present in SL? It is, and the fashion week found its way there too.

We were at the scene at day one and got LOADS of pictures, even too many to show on the Flickr, but we’ll try to show as many as we can.

The two shows we were attending was K-Code Designs and Sasha Fashions, both hosted by Opium Fashion Agency and held at Hyde Park.

K-Code Models:

Izzie Morgan got an interview with the talented creator of K-Code, Kara Dresler.

When did you get start with LFW? Is this your first one?

Oh! Yes! It is my first fashion week in London. In fact it is my first fashion show 🙂 This is new to me! I was so curious to see how my

Creator of K-Code, Kara Dresler

clothes look like on other people 🙂  I don’t have this opportunity I am my own model and photographer .. LOL, and I was always wondering about that

How do you feel about having your clothes modelled in your first fashion week?

I am so happy that the clothes are looking nice on girls! It was quite a pleasure for me to see that they fit the prims so well. Having sculpted clothes is a little harder to fit on the avatar’s body, but it worth it! 🙂

Does K-Code offer any freebies for newbies?

I don’t offer freebies at the mainstore, but I have a lot of hunts at the satellite stores. They are very well-organized and I usually participate at these hunts.

K-Code’s Marketplace Store

I managed to get a quick interview with the model coordinator, Maddox. This is what he had to say about the event:

What’s your thought of tonight’s shows?

I thought they went very well. We had some amazing designers and styles to present, which makes shows go so much better in my opinion. Of course there was lag to fight, but our models handled it very well, and we had great support from the London team and the audience. I was pleased with the way the shows went.

Is there much work going into the modeling here?

Whew, if you only knew….lol. There is tons of work with any show. Not only do the models have to be prepared with styling, poses, learning routines, etc, but we have so much work behind the scenes as well, with runway builds, set designs, casting and scripting. It’s definately alot of work, but well worth it when we can produce top-notch shows.

And even more wothwhile when the designers are pleased with the shows as well.

That is what counts the most.

I also caught the owner and creator of Sashas Fashion for a quick interview right after her clothes were showcased on the catwalk. This is what Sasha Frangilli had to say:

What did you think about the show?

arrived late unfortunately due to a RL dinner, but what I saw was a very professional and lovely show

How did you get involved in LFW?

Anastacia blogs my clothes, has been doing that for a LONG LONG time and she invited me

That sounds like a wonderful friendship, how did you feel when she asked you about that?

lol OMG another fashion show


Oh, so you’re used to the scene then?

lol yes very much so

Sashas Fashion Models:

Edited and photographed by: Morphman

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