Login 2 Life: Linking Virtual World with the Real World

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When you accept a life in Second Life, believe it or not you are opening yourself to the many different wonders of this virtual space. By signing up and creating an avatar you are accepting everything that comes with “living” in Second Life. Whether it be good or bad. When Linden Labs created the Grid, I am sure that they did not realize the kind of potential their little game would develop into. It has become a focus for a postmodern look at what life actually is. Postmodern meaning the Residents of Second Life have taken this simple game and turned it into another world that seemingly mimics our real world. Though for some residents it isn’t their Second Life any more, but their first.

Four years ago Daniel Moshel created Login2Life, a documentary that showed life in virtual worlds and our fascination with it. Featuring singers, Gentle Heron (who is one of the founders for Virtual Ability) and other Second Life residents. It shows the uses that Second Life as well as other Virtual worlds have, from those who use it for innocent reason to those who use it for adult reasons.

Check out the trailer: Please Note That This Has Some Adult Material In It. 

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