Little Kasiopaya, Planets & Art Labyrinth

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Little Kasiopaya - Planets and Art Labyrinth Skyroom Entrance
Entrance to the labyrinth

Little Kasiopaya, Planets & Art Labyrinth

Owned by: Helena Pfeffer

Age RatingMature

Forget everything you know about the world and just step through the portal.
When I first saw Little Kasiopaya I had no words to describe this wonderful place and I am still having some trouble finding the words.
The place consists of several gigantic orbs, each with a different theme. Inside these orbs are wonderfully creative drawings of planets, stars, cityscapes and all sorts of atmospheres, surrounding you so you get the feeling of walking in a cozy, romantic atmosphere. There are dances, cuddles, meditations and flying poseballs scattered everywhere making everything interactive.

The Starlotus Meditation and Dancing room

There are also surprises waiting behind every portal, for example small planets you can walk trough and inside there’s another atmosphere, separating you and your loved one from the rest of the world. Most of these also contains cuddling poseballs to enhance the romance even more.

Little Kasiopaya isn’t only for couples, there’s a lot of single poseballs too. How about a free flight through open space? Or meditation on the moons of Jupiter? There’s also guided tours with ice-skates or bikes!

Most of the stuff you find here are also for sale at the landing pad, including whole galaxies and atmosphere orbs.

The music in this sim is middle-eastern folk/electric witch enhances the general feel of the sim.

Pros: A lot to discover, nice atmosphere, perfect for both couples and singles, great for photoshoots

Morphman and Izzie in the Lightning Galaxy bubble

Cons: Can be a bit laggy and when it is, it’s very laggy. You can walk through all walls, wich can make you fall a LOONG way if you’re not careful. TP’s send you to the landing pad instead of where the person teleporting you are.

Facilities: Store, ballroom, teleport, games

Newbie Friendlyness: 8 (you might need to know how to use teleports and poseballs, most things are explained)

Lagometer: 4 (laggy from time to time, but most often it’s almost lagfree)

Personal Rating: 9 ()

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