Linden Lab Introduces Facebook SLShare.

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Second Life creators Linden Lab have announced a new feature available to SL Residents. Second Life Share also known as SLShare gives you the ability to share pictures, locations and updates via Facebook without having to leave the virtual world.

According to Linden Lab’s Post on the Community blog:

“SLShare is a new, 100% opt-in Viewer feature that will allow you to easily update your Facebook status, share photos, and check-in from Second Life locations to your Facebook wall. Whether you’re at a great inworld event and want to let your Facebook friends know where to join you, want to show off a photo of your avatar modeling your latest Marketplace purchase, or just share a thought inspired by your inworld explorations, SLShare makes it easy to share pieces of your Second Life experiences with your Facebook network.”

A walk through tutorial is now available on their Community Post.

So is giving you the ability to post directly to Facebook, doesn’t that make kind of obsolete? What do you think?

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