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Life 2.0: When Strangers Click

Life 2.0: When Strangers Click
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Dating online isn’t anything new, with the amount of dating sites that around these days. Sitting in front of your computer and having a relationship with a person has become a norm. It isn’t strange when a person in SecondLife says their in a relationship, since it is socially acceptable in our virtual world. With the ability to have partners, weddings and children it isn’t surprising that a lot of these cyber-relationships become more and spill over into the real world, but does this mean that Virtual Worlds have become substitutes for the real thing? Has meeting someone in a world like SecondLife mean that there is a solid relationship forming behind it? What do you think?In Light of the film Life 2.0 featuring on Oprah Whinfrey’s TV Network.


Techie and all around clown, mostly dealing with what is behind the curtain. Will thread out into the limelight once in a while to flaunt about an opinion or two.

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