Let’s Hunt: The Linden Gold Hunt

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So, you’ve just entered on to the SL grid, congrats! If you’ve been around the grid for a while
– here’s a treat for you. Are you one for discovering new areas of Second Life? Are you one for fueling
your competitive side? Or do you want to jump start getting Lindens (the virtual currency in Second Life)
in your account? A great way to meet all three is the Linden Gold Hunt. The hunt consists of visiting one
out of 200+ areas to find (thanks to a teleporter) , and collect coins of various denominations, going as
much as $1L, and as small as $0.05L, and there’s certain coins that also give a gift – which is a mystery
because anything can be in it. With each coin you collect, you receive a certain amount of Lindens (the
gift coin counts as $.05L) depending on which coin you collect. The higher the amount, the higher the
amount of wait time in order to collect the coin – but you better click fast, and claim the coin or else
someone could have the possibility to steal your hard earned Lindens (by clicking on the coin as it’s
transparent). Once you answer a simple math question, the amount goes into an account which you can
withdraw at any time. (as long as you’re above $1L) Did I mention it’s an ongoing hunt?

There are some fantastic aspects of this hunt I’d like to highlight. The hunt has a way of keeping
you hooked…whether it’s accumulating Lindens for withdraw or advancing up the ranks. You keep on
wanting to go back – and it’s really fun! The other aspect that I enjoy is that you have to search high and
low (literally) for coins in any of the 200+ areas that are a part of the hunt. It’s a wonderful opportunity
to discover new areas within Second Life, and chat with fellow Coin Hunters . If you have the urge to
use your hard earned Lindens for shopping, there are various stores within the main Linden Gold area
that could catch your fancy, from clothing stores to gadgets. There’s even a place within the Linden Gold
Hunt HQ which contains a plethora of advertisements for various jobs that are hiring – that’s how I first
found out about The Torch in the first place…and I’m glad I found that little advertisement.

There are some aspects that I think the Linden Gold hunt needs to improve only. When a coin
runs out of funds – it would give a notice there could be many coins in a given area that have run out of
funds, and that can get annoying at times – but it forces you to look harder for any coins that have
funds. I also find that some of the locations can be a bit laggy at times – but nothing unmanageable.
There are some locations that you might be TP’d to, but they don’t have any coins.

Overall – the Linden Gold Hunt is a hunt that everyone should check out. You’re able to collect
some Linden while exploring different areas of Second Life. It may seem like small amounts at first, but
it adds up rather quickly, just be prepared to keep at it.

Written by: Rustwolf Imari

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