Klam! That’s Good!

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Klam is one large store with three separate departments and a court-yard. In the main part of the building there are the ladies and gents clothing. The prices are really great. They start at L$29 and go up to the princely sum of L$200. They have a great variety of things from T-shirts to jackets. There is a small ladies section to the right hand corner with some good offers to be found. There are two MM boards (one for the guys and one for girls. They also sell male skins and hair for around L$150 to L$200

In the building on the left they have a games hall with bingo and the like. In the court-yard they are selling some of the most fantastic cars I’ve seen in SL though they are not cheap; starting at L$500.
The store itself feels a bit empty. The walls are covered with the items that they are selling.

The interior is very basic and the music that is playing is good (it is a German radio station, so polish up your Deutsch) For newbies to SL this is a good place to start looking for clothes as they are really well priced and they look good. MM boards are always good for people new to SL as it gives them the chance to win some great items

Check out the Klam

Newbie-Friendly: 7 out of 10
Clothes rating:  8 out of 10
Overall Experience (including music): 8 out of 10

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