Kevin’s Music Reviews: Spazzkid – Desire

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Bandcamp is a wonderful place. All it takes is a teeny weeny spark of interest and a less-than-busy afternoon to dive into a vast mound of albums and artists and cherry pick some humble, hidden gems to add to your music library. How much of it will be soaked in mediocrity at the end of the day is irrelevant; the ambition to find something you enjoy is a quest that rarely ceases to tickle the avid music lover pink. Not that there’s any shortage of underdeveloped, forgettable recycle bin fodder, but there are lavish rewards to be found given a good enough search and an open mind. I sure do love me some bandcamp.
This little piece I’ve found, Spazzkid’s little album Desire 願, doesn’t really perch on either extreme end of the quality spectrum in terms of good finds, but it’s definitely good. One part Shlohmo, one part Friendzone, the hazy, beat-driven chillwave on display here possesses a solid deal of variety and points of interest, for accessibility’s sake. Though the album starts up a little slowly, with “Getting to Know You” carried by a warm beat cushioned between blurry vocals and Friendzone-style chopped-up j-pop samples hampered by a simple case of being too long for its own good (at 5 minutes, the track doesn’t really go anywhere), there are several moments where the album showcases a confident, complete sound and has fun with it accordingly.  When it’s not doing that, the album is instead honing its assorted influences, with a jovial piano samples skittering in a Machinedrum fashion on “Loving Free” and “If Not You then Who,”while elsewhere there’s a subdued, echoing dream pop vibe unfolding on “Candy Flavored Lips,” as well as traces of chiptune and 8-bit shenanigans every here and there.

There’s a little something for every fan of electronic music here. I guess then the issue lies in the fact that these influences and genre experiments are a little obvious still at this point. Spazzkid hasn’t quite melded everything together in a way that’s unique or special, and it feels like a stew that still needs stirring. That doesn’t stop this album from being a treat, however. There’s real potential here.  Future material could get pretty messy if done wrong, seeing as how much is going on at once here, but if handled with expertise, this collage of sounds could be seriously competent come time for a new album to come out. Here’s something to keep your eye on.
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