Kevin’s Music Reviews: PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises – ClearSkies™

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ClearSkies™ is brought to you by PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises to enhance your day-to-day experience. Every employee is given a free CD-ROM with our software to commemorate our 5th anniversary and are being distributed at a bargain value at local electronics stores and supermarkets.

What kind of product is ClearSkies™?

ClearSkies™ is a piece of computer software that aurally pleasures your senses via scientifically-etched musical composition. The songs created by PrismCorp are carefully structured to sway your subconscious while you carry on with your day-to-day tasks, such as your job, favorite hobby, or even taking a drive. They are specifically designed to cater to life’s littlest pleasures, and range from the upbeat, chipper melodies to the relaxing lounge accompaniment. By playing these catchy tunes as you work, your everyday mood is GURANTEED to be improved or your money back.

Contents vary from track to track. Sounds are composed entirely from a computer generated pallet recorded in the .midi format for ease of distribution. These sounds are recorded by our laboratory’s own psychological analysts with various stimuli in the brain heavily taken into consideration. As the music is meant to play in the background, you’ll find your mind escaping on lush journey’s through a virtually realized world that you can view images of in the booklet served with your copy of the CD-ROM. At 256 colors, you can immerse yourself in the beautiful digital artwork like never before possible, and experience the zenith of computer-generated graphics both on your computer via a video tour and best of all, through the music presented to you on ClearSkies™.

Taking your family to the beach on a long drive, and in need of good vibrations to keep you focused and excited for your destination? You can certainly see the ocean waves crashing at your ankles while you spend time with your family in the warm sun. Need to find your rhythm slogging through hours of paperwork taken home from the office? Our fun jingles are more than capable of transporting your imagination to an old-time saloon, or even on an island quest to solve the mystery of the lost civilization! Need an ambient fix for your family arts-and-crafts nights? Look no further than ClearSkies™ for easy-listening that the kids will love too. Go ahead, set up that kiddy pool they’ve been asking for – you’ve earned a rest with a sunny afternoon of ClearSkies™!

Download the software from the company’s website, and save it onto your favorite music player where you can access it most conveniently. Look for savings, sweepstakes opportunities and many more special offers in your CD-ROM sleeve.

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