Kevin’s Music Reviews: Izmo – Early Night

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Attention DJ’s of SL: are your parties lacking oomph? Are your late evenings getting dry of those saturated vibes your people crave? Is the bittersweet sunset that epilogues your fathomless event sorely needing a smooth sonic massage? Well look no further, harbingers of the beat: the gods of good times bestow upon you a cleansing experience, a baptism to wash last night’s sins away: tonight we’re getting down with Izmo’s Early Night. This album is generous in with the mood food, ideal for any deep house party you may be musically catering and still a treat for those who have but a passing interest in house music.

Warm beats, and I mean really warm beats, fill Early Night from crotch to follicles. If you are brandishing trill tunes for your people, you can’t go wrong with deep house packages this lush. To elicit motion from your mind and body, and to decorate the earwaves with comfort and zest is Izmo’s mission, and he delivers without a skip in his step. Your stage can be anything from a vacation resort club, a thumping pool party, or simply a night in at home, and your guests are guaranteed to get down, money back.

The atmosphere is dark but upbeat. Drums pulse firmly and deliberately to keep the mellow beat alive, slow and steady but by not exhaustingly so. Make no mistake, if you are looking for high-octane dance music, you are looking up the wrong album. Early Night is chill music, without a doubt, but this is not an ambient piece or the soundtrack to wandering off the dancefloor. Though it’s called “Early Night”, Izmo’s sound actually makes more sense in the latter stage of all-night parties. This is music for the collected, music for those who have established their territory at the club, music to calm down to without losing your step. Izmo’s LP is filled with great cuts to embellish your playlists with, and whether you’re a DJ in SL, a DJ in real life, or just a fan of deep house music, you can do much, much worse than these excellent tunes.

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