Kevin’s Music Reviews: Coyote Clean Up – 2 Hot 2 Wait

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Deep house music is a very potent genre when it has wings. The agenda isn’t just to massage your tired body with a softer vibe after slowly burning away on the dance floor, but rather to lift you up and take you up into the atmosphere. As opposed to commanding your energy, it asks you to take a breather, to set your eyes on something else, but not at the price of your momentum. It fairly serves as an embodiment of the nighttime: free-flowing, breezy, and uncluttered. At this time the party’s mass may have dissipated, but damned if the beats have.

Coyote Clean Up can vouch for this.  Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Ice Cold Chrissy, as he’s called, is thoroughly under the influence of these deep, breezy vibes. Coated in ice-cold ambiance and soothing vocals, 2 Hot 2 Wait throws you into a layered dance experience with a decidedly dream pop edge. Not a high-energy album by any means, though hardly a passive listen, the music on display here is interesting because it’s crystalline, though not crystal-clear either. If 2 Hot 2 Wait were a room, it would be filled with fog and mirrors; late-night aerobics DVD infomercials looping infinitely on the tv, the vaguely dim light of the DVR seen blinking just a few feet above. Though assorted vocal samples are used as part of the instrumentation, they are hardly ever the focus, and neither are the beats for that matter. Rather, the focus is on the deep, hazy melodies, crafting a sound that resembles a more ethereal and hazy Crystal Castles. Synthesizers help set up a sort of faded light show amidst all this haze, which lends the album a particular penchant for getting you pumped up without being a high-octane affair.


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