Kevin’s Music Reviews: A Few New Tunes – Beats, Bikini Bottom blastbeats, and Weezer

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Andy Stott – Faith in Strangers

It’s been a great month for music and all things new and music newsy. Andy Stott is here to reciprocate his 2012 expertly-crafted Luxury Problems, just in time for the brisk weather to condemn you to the foggy bar countertops and the dark end of the dancefloor. From what I’ve heard thus far it takes a more erratic approach to rhythm and songwriting and results in an abstract baby sibling to Stott’s deep space reveries, and resulting in an album that you probably should check out posthaste. Before it comes out November 17th, check out the stream for “Violence” if you may.



BBNG & Ghostface Killah – Sour Soul

One of the most exciting announcements on this list is BADBADNOTGOOD’s new album featuring Wu-Tangist Ghostface Killah on every track, and if the tracks released earlier this year are an indication of anything, it’s that this excitement is well-warranted. BBNG originally experimented with instrumental jazz covers of hip-hop and cornucopia styles ranging from James Blake to Legend of Zelda, so it’s genuinely exciting so see veteran raps embellish their labors. Look for an international release this February 16th.




Bonobo – Flashlight

Picking up from last year’s acclaimed The North Borders, Bonobo has announced a new EP titled Flashlight for December 1st. His consistent track record keeps this announcement from being anything short of good news for downtempo electronic fans, and it includes the titular track from last year’s Boiler Room set as well, just in case you thought that track was pretty dope.



Flying Lotus – You’re Dead!

News of a new Flying Lotus album had me quivering in anticipation, and for good reason. The Los Angeles producer reigns atop a legion of bustling wonky-hiphop composers as the premier artist, with classics such as Cosmogramma and Los Angeles comprising his body of work. You’re Dead! allegedly takes the concept of, you guessed it, death, and though it’s been out since October 6th, I haven’t had a legitimate opportunity to listen yet, which is a crying shame but I plan on filling you in with a review when that time comes. Anyway, like I said it’s been out since October 6th, so what are you waiting for?


Run the Jewels – Run The Jewels 2

El-P and Killer Mike are returning with the highly anticipated rap sequel to their excellent debut, and it’s set for release on October 28. Replete with a tracklist and artwork, other notable details surrounding the album include guest appearances of Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack De la Rocha and Blink-182’s Travis Barker, whatever that means. Also look forward to their kickstarter-funded charity companion album Meow the Jewels, featuring kittens, cats, and all things domestic and feline.


Weezer – Everything Will Be Alright In the End

I haven’t been paying the most attention to Weezer’s alleged systematic dismantling of their career over the years, but there seems to be a genuine ray of light to be found for once with Everything Will Be Alright In the End. The title says it all, at least for now. With critical disasters such as Raditude and Make Believe behind them, even in bands I don’t particularly care about anymore it’s pleasing to hear Weezer still have it in them for another solid release. Out since October 7th, stream and buy from itunes here:


xSPONGEXCOREx – Don’t Mess With TexXxas

How Tough Are Yah? is only a month old, but the satirical hardcore outfit is already handing out fresh beatdowns from Bikini Bottom’s floundering straight edge scene in the form of Don’t Mess With TexXxas. Though the joke has already worn thin at this point, the new material doesn’t update very much, as it unsurprisingly treads the exact same ground as the original EP. That said, the only disappointment at hand stems from anyone expecting any less.

Stream here:


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