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Kevin’s Music Reviews – 8-in-a-row quickies | The Torch Entertainment Guide

Kevin’s Music Reviews – 8-in-a-row quickies

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This week is a bit different. Instead of one review, Kevin brings you 8 quick reviews in a row!

Andras Fox
Embassy Café
~[Sounds from the marble dancefloor]~
One part minimal R&B, one part chic deep house. Mid-paced rhythms screwed by syncopated beats. Intelligently layered to keep things busy but clean. A slice of vanilla cake to down your dinner party.
“What They Say”

“Running Late”

Move D – Kunststoff
~[Welcome to the Neon Nights Casino]~
Beat variety pack. Includes ambient bliss, IDM, Detroit-style goodies, sub-aquatic exploration kit, and post-blackout melodrama. Soundtrack to the penthouse dweller’s late night game of Windows solitaire. Sleek and sexy.
“Amazing Discoveries”


Early Night
~[Too deep to sleep]~
Thick beats in thick layers of soul. A tangerine oceanside masquerade, a celebration to staying up all night. Dreary synths shook awake by rambunctious beats. The mellowest banger of the night.
“Underground People”

“Subconscious Journey”

Andy Stott
Luxury Problems
~[Alien TV dinners]~
Minimal techno and dubstep sprinkled with Burial-esque ghost vocal samples. Songs from the orbital space office. Silvery choirs from the murky city streets. An aching android maid takes a moment to give herself a foot massage. A hot mercury bath.


DJ Sprinkles
Midtown 120 Blues
~[Sweet beats]~
Smooth soul massages and mental tension relief exercises. The charismatic and humble party guest. Discreet flirting from across the coffee table. Repetitious and mood-tickling; chewing gum for the mind. Like replaying that one part of the song you love over and over in your head, it always knows how to please you and hit that sweet spot (dirty pun perfectly applicable).
Stream all of it here:!/album/Midtown+120+Blues/5115472

Omar S
Just Ask the Lonely
~[building a tower of Legos]~
Bare beats streaking around the room. Purposely constructs upon itself like a wire frame manifestation of a virtual reality chamber. You can see right through to the other side, and it’s bright as fuck in the red and yellow dancefloor. Progressive and confident. Rambunctious without a care in the world.
“Just Ask the Lonely”

“Strider’s World”

~[a gentler wind-down]~
The party as heard from outside with your ear up against the wall. Broken synths bump in and out of the soundscape casually, like a nonchalant visitor from another dimension. Thumping, muffled and subdued. The party as heard through the vent shafts from the bathroom. The solitude of sitting in said bathroom. But so much more than a trip to the bathroom.
“Bank 3”


Coyote Clean Up
2 Hot 2 Wait
~[the candy store]~
Sunset countdown soundtrack. A misty dance floor with thin neon lights on the ceiling. Pulsing, energetic beats pumping up an otherwise dreamy environment. A glimpse of tomorrow creeping through the cracks of your faded conscious. The temptation to collapse contradicting the instinct to dance. Worn-out colors on your rave gear.

“Double Dip Dub”

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