Kawaii Hunt – The Best Bits

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It has been a while since I’ve done a hunt and I was very happy to start with the Kawaii Hunt, a hunt that was inspired by all things nice, sweet and tender with a strong sense of Japanese anime culture. Running from November 21 – December 21, this hunt sparked my interested with its Strawberry themed hunt object and innocent outfits. I liked the Kawaii hunt because it is a great contrast to the Hunt Culture’s Sex sells and Twisted/Depraved norms. That and I found everything just adorable:

#51 (Outfit) Bonne Channel: Vintage Flower


#50 Sweet Kuki: *SK* Alma Dress


The Kawaii Hunt is still going on, so hurry if you want to get these amazing outfits for free. For more information don’t forget to visit The Kawaii blog. Don’t forget to join the ~ Love SL Hunts  ~ Group (copy and paste in Second Life):   secondlife:///app/group/541b2654-0741-d395-2a63-a7e9752d5ce8/about

If you want to find out more about other hunts around Second Life that are currently going or about to start check out SL Hunts.  Learn more about Second Life’s Hunt Culture . Have fun!


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