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So mesh is here, we all knew it was coming every second SL blog has had something to say about it… well the big news is mesh clothing is now available and despite my best efforts I couldn’t find any male freebies, but I did find a pair of free female mesh jeans, a gift from SLINK. They looked pretty ordinary on me so I swapped viewers to Kirstens so I could see them and asked Mtiifu to do the honours:

On Kirstens Viewer
On Firestorm Viewer
The jeans came with a notecard, I’ve reproduced part of it here because it is a lot different to what we’ve experienced to date with clothing:

This product requires the use of SL viewer 2, viewer 3 or the equivalent Third Party viewer (eg: Kirstens)
Viewer 1.23 based viewers such as Phoenix, Imprudence, Cool etc WILL NOT WORK with this product.  You will not be able to wear it, or see it on other people.
This product must be worn on mesh enabled sims.  As at 23rd August, 2011, most SL sims have been mesh enabled. 
Always check with a copy first as wearing this product on a non enabled sim may cause it to break.There is an alpha layer included that should be worn with these jeans. 
Right click it and select “add” so you won’t accidentally replace any other alpha layers you may have on.  This will prevent your avatar from clipping with the product when you move.

“skinned” mesh clothing cannot be resized or moved around when it is on the body.  Dropping the item and changing it’s size will have no impact on how it appears on your body. 
It will adjust to limb length and body height, but not to certain fat/muscle sliders.
Due to the above limitations, this product has been built to fit 4 standard body archetypes. 
You do not have to match your body to these settings, these are simply the settings that have been used to create the 4 sizes. 
You may need to adjust these sliders in your shape to fit this product perfectly.
The most important body sliders for fitting the [bootcut jeans] are: “Body Fat”, “Belly Size”, “Butt Size” and “Saddlebags

This blog post has some great links to follow mesh as it rolls out into inworld fashion and is worth a look –> StrawberrySingh

Happy meshing around.

Words: Steam Engineer
Model: Mtiifu Aunerfal
Photography: Steam Engineer

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