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How did your store come into existance?
In need of lindens in Second Life, I had the idea to create a store with my own logo, and sell clothes preffering quality and a low price.

Who does aim at your store?
My friend owns the brand MMayako (which is in my shop), and is a little unknown. When I saw the product and the price, I was slack-jawed. So I help edher spread this super colorful fashion brand for Second Life. And also to get some extra lindens for me.

What Has Been your main inspiration?
To decorate the store, I was inspired by video games stores. I wanted to leave the store with a good urban environment andfeatures. And it worked, all praise me for decoration.

MEns section at JonnPop
How does your store Contribute to the Population of SL newbie?
In addition to the items I sell, I also thought to help newcomers with gifts. In our shop I submit MM’s with various gifts, I also have hunts with promotions and gifts.

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