Jobs in SL- Maddox Kaestner: Opium Modelling Agency

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As we said before, there are many jobs available to everyone in SL. Many of them are specialist jobs  and are only available to those who are either interested in them, or have experience within their field in the real world. Modelling in Second Life is no different from modelling in real life. With Virtual London Fashion Week flowing across the Torch last month, we thought it would great to show you the jobs of those who made it possible.

Maddox Kaestner

Maddox Kaestner

Job Title: Opium Modelling Agency General Manager
Rezday : 32/10/08

What is your job? How long have you been doing it?

Well, I actually have a lot of jobs here in SL. For Opium specifically, I am one of their general managers, mainly I manage the runway and models for our fashion shows. I’ve been working for Opium in that capacity for about 4 months now.
A little back ground of you place of work.

What do they do? How long have been doing it for?

I believe Opium Fashion Agency is one of the top agencies in SL. We have an amazing owner/CEO who cares about the fashion industry and all aspects of it. We have amazing models who are able to present the designers styles in unique and spectacular ways. Opium is always striving to bring SL shows that are entertaining and a step above the rest, but still focus on the designer’s needs. Opium also has an academy, where they take in new or up and coming models, and teach them about the industry from the basics to the more advanced skills.

How did you get into that field of work?

Well I entered the modeling world around Sept/Oct of 2009. I had been in SL a while and had explored many aspects of it. I was always fascinated with the different style and fashions, and admittedly was addicted to shopping, and trying to better my appearance. I decided I’d give modeling a try, as I found it to be challenging and thought it would be something I would enjoy. And, hey, I was right. 🙂 So I’ve never looked back.

Do you need any specific requirements to do what you do?

Well as far as being a model, it’s definitely helpful to have some formal training. I attended a couple of academies when I was first starting out. Specific to my job at Opium, it basically requires experience on the runway, and behind the scenes, and alot of time. Time to work with the models, time to research the latest trends and fashions, time to network with other models and our designers as well to build good working relationships. You definitely have to have a passion for it if you intend to stay in the business.

Do you have a regular salary? If so how much is that?

Maddox Kaestner chuckles, “Yes I do make a regular salary as an Opium Manager, though that’s not really why I do the job, so the amount is really not important.” 🙂 “I do it because I love it, and I feel the rewards and accomplishments outweigh the pay, no matter how much I am earning.”

It’s just a matter of finding what you enjoy doing and putting your heart into it.
Do you have any tips or words of wisdom to give newbies who are interested in becoming a part of Sl’s growing Fashion Industry?

My advice for those looking to get into the fashion industry would be to take your time in finding something that you enjoy, practice practice!, and always stay true to yourself.

Izzie Morgan

image by Morphman the Clown

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  1. Maddox is one of the best male models in SL. His attention to detail is above reproach and always mindful of the brand he represents. He’s wonderful to work with, straight forward and does what it takes even if it means stepping outside of his comfort zone. If you’re looking for a well-rounded versatile model, Maddox is the man.

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