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Everyone in Second Life achieve their goals in different ways. Some bring their real life work into SL as a way of sharing what they love to do with people from all over the world. This can be said for Club Owners and DJs alike. Club Freq is a new club in Second Life and is the brain child of DJ Release and his partner Starry Sparkle.

Name: DJ Release

Starry and DJ Release

Rezday: 10.28.2010

Job Title: DJ & Owner of Club Freq

SL Age: 138 Days

Name: Starry Sparkle

Rezday: 1/31/2006

Job Title: DJ & Owner of Club Freq

SL Age: 1869 days

When did you know you wanted to be DJ? Did you do any other side jobs?

DJ Release here, and I’ve been a RL DJ and music producer for 13 years. My fiance Starry Sparkle has been a DJ in RL and in SL since ’06. She was the one who brought me into the game a few months ago by telling me that I could DJ in SL. I loved the idea and I’ve been an SL DJ from the first day I started playing! 🙂 I had to, like anyone else, bumble through SL lost and confused about what was proper and what was not.

But I had Starry here to help me in that aspect and keep me on the right track. I worked at a few clubs before we got to this point. The only thing will keep you in SL is Lindens (L$) and the only way I found to do that is to make things, or offer a service. *Note: people in SL are just like people in RL (go figure lol) they love attention!

Even with all of my years of experience as a RL DJ, I’m not that much of a vocal DJ. Starry on the other hand is! She loves to get involved and hype the crowd up, and the people love her for it! Not to mention,  she makes about L$1000 more than me on an average shift. So for any aspiring DJ’s out there, Remember MORE VOICE/INTERACTION = MORE  L$$$. lol.

My best advice is to find something that you enjoy doing, get your avi to look the way YOU want it, and then DON’T SPEND ANYMORE! lol (than you have to). Save your L$ and think about what you want to do with it. We decided to open a Club together, and Land can be quite expensive! We pay over L$6000/month for just our land! … We didn’t have that much to get started, but we found someone who was nice enough to let us pay weekly, and because of that we were able to have just enough to get started. And little by little, piece by piece, and through the help of some amazing people we were able to get to where we are in such a short time.

When did you decide you wanted to be club owners?

This is something we talked about before, but it was like a “Wouldn’t that be nice” kinda thing. Then a few weeks ago we decided to just go for it! SL is the PERFECT place to take risk! If you fail, you may be out of a few thousand $L, or maybe even ten’s of thousands of $L, but your credit in RL won’t be destroyed and you can always take what you learn and start over once you save up enough again.

But I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend working under other people to get a feel of what works and what doesn’t. If you have RL experience than you may want to jump right in. But if you don’t know the 1st thing is to be carefull! Owning a club is A LOT of work when trying to get it off the ground! Remember, it’s better to give yourself plenty of time before you open, and it’s ok to push back your opening date!

Don’t get in such a rush to have fun and call yourself a club owner so that you end up unprepared that your club will bomb!  It’s always worth taking the time and doing it right. If it wasn’t for Starry, and the experience that she had, I would have been lost! I would have opened the club and never have even known why it failed. lol. But she’s shown me just what it takes, and it can’t be a fly by night job. Do it right the 1st time and you’ll be glad you did!

How much does your club make?

So far people have donated over L$8000in the last 2 weeks since we’ve gotten started! We’re very thankful for their support. We honestly have no clue how much to expect from the club, but we’re not trying to get SL rich with this club. Our plan is to try to keep the club ‘floating’. We would like to offer our employee bonuses, and big cash prizes on the board for contest winners. We also have to be able to pay for land and anything else the club needs.  We want to be able to drive a large amount of traffic to the club. All of this is going to cost, so more than likely everything that the club makes will go back into the club in some form or another. (Always pay your club 1st!)

Do you any specific Requirements to be a Club owner  in SL?

Experience! lol Fail, and try again…. Fail again, and try again! …. There’s no end to how many times you can do something in SL until you get it right, so if it’s what you really what, than keep pushing!

Have you got any tips to give newbies out there who are interested in being Club Owners?

Don’t take this adventure by yourself! I believe it’s imperative that I have Starry by my side! I couldn’t do it without her, and I’m sure she feels the same about having me here. It can be stressful when you’re starting and you NEED someone you can count on and someone you can trust through and through with your SL soul! It really helps knowing that you’re not in it alone. Also, get that experience!

Try your hand at a few different things. Even if you’re not a DJ, try it for a month to get a feel of what DJ’s go through so you can communicate better with your DJ’s when the time comes. Host. Hosting will help you get a feel for the SL club life and what’s needed to be done. It can be a big responsibility and host can make or break a club (if everything else is properly in place). Just start somewhere, you need to get $L anyway right? Why not get paid while learning from someone else? Try to work your way up and become manager, or maybe even co-owner with a club owner who needs the help (But be carefull not to become someone’s sugar avi!)

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