Jobs in Second Life: Doctor

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Name: Reba SilversmithReba Silversmith

Job Title: Physician

Rezday : 10/07/09

How long have you been in Second Life? almost 4 1/2 year ( prior avatar)

What is your job? How long have you been doing it? I am a Doctor at a Maternity Clinic on and off for 2 years

A little back ground of you place of work.  What do they do? How long have been doing it for?  We are maternity doctors with real life medical back grounds. We are not real life doctors but we have worked as nurses or nursing assistants in the medical profession.

How did you get into that field of work? Well I always found that the clinic was filled with great people and it was something I knew I would enjoy doing with in Second Life more than anything else i had done in the past.

Do you need any specific requirements to do what you do? The owner of the clinic requires us to have real life medical backgrounds. Other Clinics may vary.

Do you have a regular salary? If so how much is that? I do have a regular salary but the amount I wish to be kept to myself.

 Do you have any tips or words of wisdom to give newbies who are interested in doing your job? Have lots of patients (no pun intended). Have a loving nature, be respectful of others.

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