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The artist himself

Jobs in SL: Painting Artist

Name: Elbow Muggins


Age: 2 years, 2 months (veteran)

How did you get into art?

As a young man of six years old, I would trace photos from coloring books, magazines and other publications then bring the tracing to school telling the girls that I drew them. I guess, at the time, I never stopped to think the girls I was trying to impress during lunch with my drawing skills, might have gotten the same coloring book for Christmas.  I never did get busted so it all turned out well.
What made you want to be come an Artist?

The chicks, the chicks.  aaaahahaha, not really. My parent’s took me to a National Museum and I remember seeingWinslow Homer, James Whistler and John Singer Sargent. They got me a Rockwell coffee table book that Christmas and I was hooked. I was seven years old.

Was it a RL passion that came over into SL?

(Was it easy to bring your RL passion to SL?)Yes, SL is well suited for visual art. With digital art and high quality scans getting photos, painting, sketches into SL is very easy. There are a couple of technical things surrounding getting art into SL and 3-D art and Sculpture require they own set of disciplines.
How much do your sell your art for?At first blush, this question could be misleading. Passion drives artists to create. People that are lazy, looking for easy money or to get paid to play will soon discover that  SL is much like RL in this respect. The viewing public as a whole considers “art” to be something you only see downtown at the big Museum, pictures in books or on greeting cards. What art really does is communicates, records, studies and pushes. There are a lot of thieves that will hunt the web, find an image, frame it and put it up for sale for a few linden because they figure art is nothing more than something to cover a wall. Maybe sometime we can look deeper into public perceptions about art. My advice is to search for and watch”Exit Through The Gift Shop”

The garden, where the gallery lies

How long did it take you to become a successful artist within SL?

The first time you sell a piece of art that you created, you’re successful.
Do you need any specific requirements to be an artist and sell your creations on SL?

Yes, Integrity for your craft and yourself. The technical stuff you can learn.
Do you have any words to share with newbies who are thinking about showing their work in SL?

Those with true passion will last. The frauds and lazy ones will only last as long someone buy their stuff for a couple of Lindens.

Izzie Morgan & Morphman the Clown

images by Elbow Muggins

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