Job in SL – DJing with DJ Random

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Here’s another take on the work as a DJ in Second Life, this time from a college of mine, DJ Random. If you haven’t already, check Rock And Roll Michigans answers here.

Name: DJ Random

DJRandom Resident the Wild Child of Rock

Rezday: 1/13/2011

SL Age: 42 days (alt, main age: 1 year 6 months)

When did you know you wanted to be DJ? Or is it just a side job?

I wanted to be a DJ when I first saw DJ Callandor in Wet Willies (ed. note: A club in SL) – he inspired me to be a DJ

Yeah this is my main income

How much does being a DJ pay you?

10k a week on average, sometimes more sometimes less

How long did it take you to get a job as a DJ?

About a month at first, then, once I trained, my friend Gator gave me a shot on a quiet spot – it went crazy from there – that spot is now busy

Do you think there’s any specific requirements for being a DJ in SL?

Yeah,  you need loads of music and the ability to get more… I personally feel to be a GOOD DJ you need to have presence

Have you got any tips to give newbies out there who are interested in being DJs?

Sure yeah … Get as much music as you can for the genre, listen to people’s requests, speak on mic – it really helps you to build a fanbase, make people feel comfortable and relaxed around you … Everything will fall into place

How do you feel about being a successful DJ in SL?

It means everything to me – I love the feeling I have in a room full of people dancing and going crazy – its my passion and to give 100% is natural to me. I’d give anything to be one of the top DJ’s on SL

Morphman the Clown

Image provided by DJ Random

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